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Dog Sprinkler Pad

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Protect Your Dog from Summer Heat and "Heatstroke"

Climate change is increasingly affecting life on Earth, but humans are not the only ones suffering the effects of this natural disaster.

In addition to melting glaciers, fires, droughts, floods, storms, epidemics and migrations, there are also the serious effects on the health of four-legged friends, particularly in terms of canine "heatstroke".

◉ summer heat & heatstroke

Keep your furry friend healthy and happy!

Is your dog exhausted, dehydrated or bored from the scorching summer heat? Here's your solution! With our Dog Sprinkler Pad, your furry friend will never want summer to end!

Simply connect your hose using our included adapter, turn on the hose and watch your friend have fun!!!

◉ safe & hydrated

This sprinkler is a must for your water-loving pup to enjoy endless splashing fun on hot summer days. It comes in a round shape and in different sizes.

You can also adjust the water pressure to your liking

Record temperatures

We are facing an early summer as 75 cities have been warned of record high temperatures.

The summer season hides more than one pitfall for the animals that come with our everyday lives. That's why some extra precautions are needed to protect their health too.

As in humans, puppies and older animals are more prone to heat stroke and stroke.

Unleash Endless Fun and Unwavering Durability with the Sprinkler Pad!

Built to last, the Sprinkler Pad is a testament to durability. With its high-quality materials and sturdy construction, it can handle even the most playful pups. Rest easy knowing that this product will provide endless summer fun without compromising its resilience.


✔ Lightweight & portable - Sprinkler Pad can be folded up, easy to transport, easy to store and can be taken with you and your furry friends everywhere.

✔ Suitable for anywhere - Sprinkler Pad is a great addition to your lawn, yard, driveway or summer parties for kids. It's also the perfect gift for anyone who has pets or kids!

✔ Great fun for all - The ultimate solution to keep your dog or child stimulated, cool and happy during those long, hot summer days.

Get Setup in No Time

Easy 4 Step Installation

  • Step 1 - Put the gasket on the connector
  • Step 2 - Install the water pipe connector
  • Step 3 - Connect water pipe to the mat
  • Step 4 - Attach the water pipe to the faucet/tap and fill the mat up with water

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